At Perfect Painting Plus we treat our clients with Respect!

We recognize the difference between a house  and a home.  A house is made of
products and materials. A
home is  made of people and memories. Your home is your
special place, and we respect that. We understand that when you grant us the
privilege of entering your home, you have allowed us into your personal space.

We are very conscious of the fact that the nature of renovations is disruptive. As such,
we make considerable effort to provide
"Maximum Quality with Minimal Disruption."
This is not just a slogan - it is a promise that we take very seriously. We don't play our
own music, talk loudly, swear, smoke, drink alcohol, etc., in your home.

When we work for you, we focus on you and the job at hand.

Basically, we  appreciate that our clients entrust us to work
on their house and in their home.

We believe you should be treated with respect,
and we make sure that you are!
Because your property is
your personal space
we will treat you and your property with

We would consider it a privilege to "Take the PAIN out of PAINting"  for YOU!
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Painting companies
often conduct
as if your home is a
construction site!